April, 2010




APRIL 12, 2010




Present: Boss, M.B. Drenth, Vollmer, Stewart and M. Drenth.                                                                            Absent:  Campbell and Rasmussen. 

Others:   Robert Daunter and Dan Bean, Antrim County Sheriff

Meeting called to order by Boss at 7:00 p.m.


1.   Motion by Stewart/Vollmer to accept the March 2010 minutes as presented. CARRIED. 4-0


Public Input: 

 Sheriff Dan Bean gave information on the progress of the police sub stations in the county and bringing them on line.


Department reports:

            Streets:  None

            DPW:    None

            Police:   Officer Daunter gave police report.

            Park:  The Wooden Shoe Park will opening on May the 15th with Ed and Kris Green as the park attendants.


Community Park:

2)   Motion by Stewart/M.B. Drenth to charge $50.00 a day to reserve the Pavilion at Ellsworth Community Park; reservations to be handled by Tex Drenth at 231-588-6071. Carried 4-0


M.B. Drenth is to contact Jarroll Drenth for a reservation sign.

Committee Reports:

   Planning Commission:  None


3.     Motion by M.B. Drenth/Stewart to make a memorial donation of $200.00 to the Good Sam in memory of Vince Olach. 4-0 Carried.


4.   Motion by Boss/Vollmer to appoint Keith Stewart to fill the Village’s position on

        the Planning Commission.  Carried 4-0


Motion by Vollmer/M.B. Drenth to accept the Budget Amendments as presented:


Council:  Increase Professional Service (80110) $1441 from $4000 to $5411

Building and Grounds:  Increase Contracted Services (80220) $3586 from $1100 to$4686 Increase Repairs and Maintenance (93000) $5147 from $25,000 to $30,147 Increase Equipment rental (94000) $2947 from $0 to $2947

Public Works: Increase Street Lighting (94100) $1841 from $15,000 to $16,841

Community Park Project:  Increase Capital Outlay (97000) $1491 from $68,276 to $69,767;

Increase Wages and Salary (70200) $124 from  $5639 to $5764

Community /Culture:  Increase Festivals (72800) $94 from $1724 to $1818

Insurance:                    Increase Liability (70800) $161 from $8432 to $8593

Transfers Out:              Increase Transfers Out (99900) $2000 from $16,000 to $18,000

LOCAL STREET: Increase Contracted Services (80220) $1968 from $1000 to $2968

WATER DEPT:     Increase Utilities (92000) $1641 from $5000 to $6307

                               Increase Repairs and Maintenance $6057 from $7000 to $13,057    CARRIED.  4-0


5.  Motion by Stewart/Vollmer to purchase a new mower deck for the 2025 mower from the Work and Play Shop in Atwood at the estimated cost of $2,200.00. Carried    4-0



Marlene Drenth: Village Treasurer gave information on the Village doing their own tax bills, general information on the cost and what the county is providing, and the possible cost to the village.


6..Motion by Stewart/Vollmer to pay the bills as presented. CARRIED.  4-0


  4.  Motion to adjourn by M.B. Drenth /Voller at 7:45 P.M.


Hellen Allen

Village Clerk


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