April, 2012

APRIL 9, 2012
Present: Boss, M.B. Drenth, Vollmer, Nickel, M. Drenth. Stewart and Rasmussen.
Absent: Campbell. 
Others: Dave Campbell, Verging McCallum, Gregg McCallum and Suzanne Goodwin
Meeting called to order by Boss at 7:12 p.m.
1. Motion by Rasmussen/M.B. Drenth to accept the March 12, 2012 regular meeting minutes as presented.
2. Motion by Stewart/Nickel to approve the March 21, 2011 special meeting as presented. CARRIED 6-0
Public Input: Dave Campbell, Esq. informed the council on the procedure of transferring the liquor license from Tapawingo to A Matter of Taste.
Department reports:
 Streets: Rasmussen talked about Tex Drenth's request for dust control. Tabled until the next meeting .
 DPW: None Police: none 
 Park: The Wooden Shoe Park will be opening on May the 15th with Ed and Kris Green as the park attendants.
Committee Reports:
 Planning Commission: None
Action Items:
3. Motion by Rasmussen/Nickel to approve the license transfer from Tapwingo to Charlevoix State Bank. CARRIED 6-0
4. Motion by Motion by Nickel/Rasmussen to approve the license transfer from Charlevoix State Bank to
A Matter of Taste. CARRIED 6-0
5. Motion by M.B. Drenth/Stewart to pay $ 500.00 toward the chipper rental expense. CARRIED 6-0 
 a. Planning Together Workshop: Will be April 23, at 7:00 p. m. at the Banks Township Hall.
b. Banks Township cleanup day is May 12, 2012 from 8 to 11 AM.
c. St. Clair Assoc. will maintain the trails.
d. Main Street Grant gave 750.00 to pay for 14 banners 18X48to be used on Main St. 
e. Ellsworth School Kids( Lancer Leap) to plant the Village flower pots this spring with the aid of M.B.Drenth.
6. Motion by Rasmussen/Vollmer to pay the bills as presented. CARRIED. 4-0
7. Motion to adjourn by Stewart/Nickel at 8:05 P.M.
Hellen Allen
Village Clerk


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