August, 2011



AUGUST 8, 2011



Present  M.B. Drenth, J. Rasmussen, R. Boss, R. Vollmer M. Drenth and K. Stewart, E. Nickel and  H. Campbell.

Absent: R. Boss,                                                                                                                      

Other:  John Morris, Dale Arnott, Janice Drost, Samantha Gardner, Kathleen Gardner, Tina Sundelius.


 Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 p.m.  

1.  Motion by Stewart/M.B. Drenth to accept the July 2011 minutes as presented. CARRIED.6-0


Public Input:

 Janice Drost: Discussed the junk cars, loose dogs in the park and speed in the village.


Department Reports:

a.     Police -  Police Chief Morris gave police report.

b.     DPW –  n/a

c.     Street – n/a


Committee Reports:

a.      Planning Commission –discussed amending C2 zoning to allow single family residences

b.      Parks and Recreation:  The revenue for  Wooden Shoe Park has improved the last few weeks.

a.   Archery:  Dale Arnott updated the council on the archery program and upcoming Archery Tournament on September 10th at the Ellsworth Community Park Archery Range. Registration forms available on  web site.


Action Items:


2.  Motion by M.B. Drenth/Nickel to approve the following budget amendments as presented. CARRIED  6-0


 General Fund:


Increase Treasurer/salary & wages (101-252-70200) $1682 from $3364 to $5046.


Increase Building and Grounds/Capital Outlay $8000 from $7000 to $15,000.


Increase Zoning/Planning Commission (101-410-70210) $420 from $600 to $1020.


3   Motion by Rasmussen/Nickel to approve the propane pre-buy with the Ellsworth Farmers

    Exchange at the cost of $2.27 per gal for a total cost of $4,000.00.   CARRIED 6-0


4.  Motion by Rasmussen/Stewart to set the speed limit on the all purpose trail (former RR) at

     15 mph.    CARRIED. 6-0


5.   Motion by Rasmussen/Nickel to pay the bills CARRIED   6-0


6.   Motion to adjourn by Vollmer/Stewart.  8:35


Hellen Allen, Village Clerk


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