January, 2016




JANUARY 11, 2016


Present: Campbell, Boss, Sowers, Stewart, Spearing, Kammerer, McCallum, and Potter.


Absent: None


Others: Clyde Johnson, Reva Harmon, Linda Gallagher


Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM


1. Motion by Boss/Stewart to accept the December 14, 2015 minutes as presented. CARRIED. 7-0








Planning Commission: Working on Marijuana Ordinance and updating Master Plan

Finance Committee: Will meet on Wednesday January 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM to work on next year’s budget.




a. Sale of old water works property – On going

b. Cherry Capital Cycling Club – Approximately 90 people would like to use the Community Park Pavilion on July 17, 2016

c. Wooden Shoe Holiday Fest – Very well received

d. L4029 setting of millage rate at 11.3 mills - Will stay the same

e. Community Square Project – On hold until spring

f. Pig Roast 2016 – First meeting will be January 25, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Town Hall

g. Paddle Antrim – Will be held September 16 and 17, 2016




2. Motion by Stewart, McCallum to increase wages for Village employees by 3% with the exception of Zoning Administrator and Clerk. Zoning Administrator will not receive an increase and Clerk will receive a $2,000 increase. CARRIED 7-0


3. Motion by Boss, Spearing to approve budget amendments. CARRIED 7-0

4. Motion by Boss, McCallum to approve the use of the backhoe for Township Clean-up Day May 14, 2016. CARRIED 7-0


5. Motion by Boss, Sowers to approve the hiring of Sarah Essenberg as Summer Recreation Director. CARRIED 7-0


6. Motion by McCallum, Sowers to approve passing of loan resolution RUS 1780-27. CARRIED 7-0


7. Motion by McCallum, Sowers to approve Ordinance #1112016. CARRIED 7-0


8. Motion by Spearing, Stewart to replace blinker light on corner of Center and Main Street. CARRIED 7-0


9. Motion by Boss, Sowers to replace Village pickup at a cost of $9500.00 purchased thru Vollmer Auto Sales. CARRIED 7-0


10. Motion by Sowers, McCallum to sell old Village truck. CARRIED 7-0


11. Motion by Boss, Spearing to pay bills. CARRIED 7-0


12. Motion by Kammerer, Sowers to adjourn at 8:30 PM. CARRIED 7-0




Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk


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