July, 2012

JULY 09, 2012
Present: M.B. Drenth, J. Rasmussen, R. Boss, R. Vollmer and H. Campbell.
Absent: M. Drenth, K. Stewart and E. Nickel
Other Dale Arnott, Brett Baldwin, Tim Roache and Tom Mann.
Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 p.m.
1. Motion by Rasmussen/Vollmer to accept the June 2012 minutes as presented.
Public Input:
Brent Baldwin, who is running for Register of Deeds in Antrim County in the
August primary election, spoke to the Council.
Tim Roache from Gosling/Czubak updated the Council on the Water Department
Reliability Study due the end of December 2012. General Plan, a computer annalist
of water system and map, is due Jan 2016.
Department Reports:
Police The new Police car has been updated and is now on the road.
DPW n/a
Street- n/a
a. Planning Commission n/a
b. Finance Committee 2012 audit was distributed to the council.
c. Parks and Recreation: The Park had a great 4th of July week.
• The next improvement to be done is a new roof on the bath house
d. Archery: Dale Arnott updated the council on the archery program.
Archery Tournament will be September 15, 2012
e. Ellebration was a great success.
f. Propane Pre-buy will be discussed at the August meeting.
Action Items:
2. Motion by Rasmussen/Boss to approve the updating of the water system map
and reliability study by
Gosling/Czubak at a cost of $4,700.00. CARRIED 5-0
3. Motion by M.B. Drenth/Boss to purchase a new mower deck for the 1445 mower
at a cost of $2300.00 from Work
and Play. CARRIED 5-0 .
7. Motion by Rasmussen/Vollmer to pay the bills. CARRIED 5-08. Motion to adjourn by Vollmer/ M.B. Drenth. 8:00pm
Hellen Allen, Village Clerk


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