June, 2011



JUNE 13, 2011



 Present:   M.B. Drenth, Boss, Campbell, M. Drenth, Rasmussen, Nickel and Vollmer

Absent:  Stewart.   Others: John Morris, Duane Arnott Scottie Bruce.


Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 p.m.


1.   Motion by Rasmussen/M.B. Drenth to accept the May 2011 regular meeting minutes as presented.   CARRIED 7-0


Public Input:

 a. Duane Arnott: Archery Director, presented Archery Program Shooting Rules to the Council and discussed possible ways of running the program with the council.

b. Scott Bruce: Introduced  MiFarmMarket.com (Michigan Farm Market), a new family owed business here in Ellsworth.



A.    Police – Received a letter from Police Chief Robert Daunter informing the Village Council of his intention to retire effective July 5th , 2011.

2.  Motion by Boss/Vollmer to accept the retirement of Office Daunter effective July 5, 2011.  CARRIED.

B.     Officer John Morris has submitted a letter of intent to the Council asking council to consider him for the position of Ellsworth Police Chief.

3.  Motion by Vollmer/Campbell to appoint John Morris interim Police Chief July 5, 2011 until the July 11, 2011`            meeting  CARRIED 6-0

              C.  Streets 

 4.  Motion by Rasmussen/Campbell to major streets (lines, parking, crossings, etc.)  painted at the estimated cost of           $6,000.00 only if it can be done by July 1, 2011 CARRIED.  6/0

                  b.   Heeres Excavating to repave Ash St. to as soon as possible.



A.    Planning Commission: n/a                    

B.    Parks and Recreation:  The Wooden Shoe Park is open with Ed and Kris Green as park attendants.



5.   Motion by Rasmussen /Boss to summit delinquent water bills to the county to be placed as liens on the summer tax      bills ($ 3,534.06) CARRIED   Yes:  6      No:0


6.   Motion by Nickel/Boss to pass the form L4029 setting the millage rate at 12.1 mills .  CARRIED     YES- 6    NO-0


7.   Motion by Vollmer/Boss to donate $1,000.00 to St. Claire Lake Fire Works as budgeted in the 2011- 2012 budget. Carried:  6-0 The fire works will be held on July 2nd on Lake Sinclair starting at dusk.




A.    Judy Worgess: Thanks to Judy for planting the flower boxes in the village             this year.

B.    Chet Drenth: Thanks for your contribution in keeping up the followers at the Village entrance signs.    

            D.    Campbell updated Council on the Breezeway Cruise Thursday June 30 starting at Boyne Mt. and cruising                  the Breezeway (C48) through East Jordan, Ellsworth, and Atwood to Royal Farms Market.    

            E.    Farmers Market to open Tuesday July 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the ball park across from the school and be                                   open every Tuesday evening until September 27.     


8.   Motion by Boss/Vollmer to pay the bills as presented.  CARRIED 6-0


9.   Motion by Vollmer/Nickel to adjourn.  8:50 pm



Hellen Allen


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