June, 2013


JUNE 10, 2013

Present:   M.B. Drenth, Boss, Campbell, M. Drenth, Rasmussen, Kammerer, Vollmer.

Absent:  Stewart:   
Others: John Morris, Clyde Johnson, David Rasmussen, Tina Sundelius and Chip Schwein.
Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 p.m.
1.   Motion by Rasmussen/M.B. Drenth to accept the May 2013 regular meeting minutes as presented.   CARRIED 6-0

Public Input:

  1.  Clyde Johnson of Gosling/Czubak updated the council on the progress on the RED loan application for updating the    village water system.
  2.  Chip Schwein and David Rasmussen requesting support for a water ski slalom course on Ellsworth Lake.


  1. Police: Office Morris gave a short police report and also submitted the resume of Kevin Hoch as a new part time police officer for the Village.
  2. Streets  n/a                      C.  DPW:  None


  1. Planning Commission: n/a    B.  Parks and Recreation:  The Wooden Shoe Park had a good Memorial Day weekend

2.   Motion by Vollmer /Boss to summit delinquent water bills to the county to be placed as liens on the summer tax bills.
           CARRIED   Yes:  6     No:0

3. Motion by Vollmer/Boss to donate $1,000.00 to St. Claire Lake Fire Works as budgeted for 2012-2013 
            Carried  6-0            The fireworks will be held on July 6th on Lake Sinclair starting at dusk.

4.  Motion by Rasmussen/M.B. Drenth to have the showers and the sinks updated at a cost of $2800.00 by Drenth 
                Plumbing and Heating.  Yes: 5   Abstain: 1

5.  Motion by Rasmussen/Vollmer to have the Delinquent Water Bills sent to the County to be applied to the summer tax bills.

6.  Motion by Vollmer/Boss to approve form L4029 for 2013 setting the millage rate at 12.3 mills.  CARRIED 6-0

7.  Motion by M.B Drenth/Kammerer to approve resolution 06102013 for renewing the administration fee of 1% of the total tax bill 
                for 2013 property taxes.  CARRIED6-0

8.  Motion Rasmussen/Vollmer approve a computer of the police department. CARRIED  6/0

9.   Motion by Vollmer/Rasmussen to hire Office Kevin Hoch as the Villages new part time police officer. CARRIED 6-0

10.  Motion by Rasmussen/M.B. Drenth to approve a preliminary engineering contract with Gosling/Czubak Engineers for 
                Church/Lake Streets reconstruction at the cost of $28,960.00.  CARRIED.  6/0

11.  Motion by Boss/Kammerer to replace the old JD 2520 with a new JD 2520 from the Work and Play Shop in Atwood at the cost 
                of $10,581.29 ($13,581.29-$3,000.00 trade in).    CARRIED.  6/0


A.    The 2012-2013 Village audit done on May 17/-18 by the auditing firm Baird, Cotter and Bishop presented.

B.    Farmers Market up and running Tuesdays 5 to 7 p.m.       

D.    Campbell updated Council on the Breezeway Cruise Thursday, June 20th, starting at Boyne Mt. and cruise the
        Breezeway (C48) through East Jordan, Ellsworth, and Atwood and ending at Antrim Dell Golf Course.    
 E.    Archery Program to start June 17;   Archery Tournament will be the 3rd Saturday in September. 
12.   Motion by Rasmussen/Boss to pay the bills as presented.  CARRIED 6-0
13.   Motion by Boss/Vollmer to adjourn.  8:30 pm

Hellen Allen,  Village Clerk


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