June, 2014




JUNE  9, 2014


Present: Campbell, Boss, M.B. Drenth, Marlene Drenth, Sowers and Kammerer.

Absent: Stewart.

Others: Tom Mann, Banks Township Supervisor and  Megan Olds (GTRLC).

Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 pm.


1.  Motion by Drenth/Sowers to approve the May 11, 2014 minutes as presented.  Carried 6-0


Department Reports:

A.  Police: None

B.  DPW: None

C.  Streets:   Church and Lake St. (C48) Reconstruction

D. Committees:   Campbell updated the Council on the internet and cable service at the Wooden Shoe Park.  Cable TV well only be available for the care takers of the park due to the cost of the cable boxes

Internet speed was increased from 10 to 60.


Planning Commission: None.



A. The 2013-14 audit was done May 19-24th by Biard, Cotter and Bishop.

B. Ellebration will be July 3rd,  5th 2014

C. Archery Tournament will be the 3rd Saturday in September

D. C-48 Breezeway Cruise will be June 19th starting 5:30 at Boyne Mt. in Boyne Falls and ending at Friskie’s on US 31 in Atwood.

E. Farmers Market will open June 23rd.

F. Megan Olds from the( GTRLC) updated village on the Chain of Lakes Water Trail

G. Tom Mann, Banks Township Supervisor, updated the village on the EJ  ambulance Service for the village and township


Action Items:

2. Motion by M.B. Drenth/Kammerer to approve the placing of Delinquent Water Bills on the 2014 Tax Bills. Carried  6-0


3. Motion by Campbell/Boss to approve Form L-1029 to set the 2014 mileage rate at 12.3 mills. Carried 6-0


4. Motion by Campbell/M.B. Drenth to approve MDOT contract for resurfacing portions of Church St. and Lake Street (C48) 14-5305 between the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Village of Ellsworth  Carried. 6-0 by roll vote


5. Motion by Vollmer/Kammerer to approve Resolution #06092014 to authorize necessary signatures on contract No. 14-5305. Carried 6-0 by roll call vote.  See attached


6. Motion by Vollmer/Kammerer to approve Water Ordinance No.13 of 2014 .  Carried 6-0 by roll call vote

7. Motion by  Boss/Kammerer to purchase a new copy/fax machine and surge protector  sharing  the costs with Banks Township at a cost of $1912. CARRIED 6-0


8. Motion by Campbell/Boss to approve the Tax Collections Resolution # 06092014. See attached.   Carried 6-0

9. Motion by Boss/Sowers to make the following budget Amendments


General Fund

Increase clerk/capital outlay (101-215-9700) $1000 from $500 to $1500

Increase treasurer/capital outlay (101-253-9700) $500 from $0 to $500

Increase fund balance (101-40100) $20,077 from $30,000 to $50,077

 Carried 6-0


9.  Motion by Boss-M.B. Drenth to approve $300 for the renewal of NLEA Membership. Carried 6-0.


10. Motion by Boss/Vollmer to approve the bill as presented. Carried 6-0


11.  Motion by M.B. Drenth /Sowers to Adjourn at 8:20




Hellen Allen, Village Clerk



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