March, 2012

MARCH 12, 2012
6520 Center St.
Present: Rasmussen, Vollmer, M.B. Drenth, Stewart, Nickel, and Boss.
Absent: Campbell and M. Drenth
Others: John Morris, Tina Sundelius, Brian Iverson, Tom Mann and Duane Arnott
Meeting called to order by President Pro Tem Boss at 7:00 p.m.
1. Motion by Rasmussen/Nickel to accept the February 2012 minutes as presented. CARRIED. 6-0
Public Input:
Department Reports:
Police: Office Morris gave a short police report.
DPW: None
Streets: None
Committee / Board Reports 
Planning commission: None 
a. Duane Arnott gave information on new bows and crossbows and compound bows, Arnott to
contact Campbell.
 b. FFA, Future Farmer of America are planning to put in a garden on Fred Taylor's property
south of the Community Park and establish a Community Garden on the south part of the Park.
c. The area churches are planning a community Easter Egg hunt at the Community Park April 7th
for children of all ages. 
d. Tom Mann will be hosting a Community Planning Together meeting April 23, 2012 at
6:30pm at Banks Township Hall.
Action Items:
2. Motion by Rasmussen/Stewart to support the Banks Township Grant Application for updating
Banks Township Day Park . Carried 6-0
3. Motion by Rasmussen/Nickel to pay the Bills. Carried 6-0
4. Motion to adjourn by Stewart/Vollmer. 7:35 p.m.
Hellen Allen
Village Clerk


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