March, 2013

MARCH 11, 2013
6520 Center St.

Present: Rasmussen, Vollmer, M.B. Drenth, Stewart, Kammerer, M. Drenth and Boss.                                                                            Absent:  Campbell  
Others:  Joe Rubingh  w/ Antrim Review, Tim Roach, Kevin Heard, and Ross Alward.
Meeting called to order by President Pro Tem Boss at 7:00 p.m.

1.  Motion by Stewart/ M.B. Drenth to accept the February 2013 minutes as presented.    CARRIED. 6-0

Public Input:
Department Reports:
Police: None
DPW:  None
Streets:  None
Committee / Board Reports 
Planning commission:  None  
Finance Committee:
Recreation Committee:              
                a.   The Village auditors will be here May 15 & 16th 
                b.   Kevin Heard and Ross Alward asking for information on extending water service outside the Village limits on East                     Jordan Road/C48

  1.    LED Message Board is up and running in front the Ellsworth Community Schools.     

                d.    Tim Roach, from Gosling Czubak, updated the Council on the project to update the water system. 
Action Items:

  1.  Motion by Rasmussen/Stewart to approve the Ellsworth/Banks Township Town Center Mission Statement. Carried 6-0/ On file

3.  Motion by M.B. Drenth / Vollmer  to support the Resolution to urge Gov. Snyder and Michigan legislators to make the necessary investments to Michigan’s transportation network to save taxpayer dollars, save lives, and improve our economy. Carried 6-0

4.  Motion by Rasmussen/Kammerer to approve the following Budget Amendments: Carried. 6-0           
General Fund:
                Increase Building and Grounds/Salary and Wages (265-70200) $1208 from $34,000 t$35,208.
                Increase Building and Grounds/Utilities (92000) $741 from $0 to $741.
                Increase Building and Grounds/Snow Removal (95000) $1425 from $0 to $1425
                Increase Transfer Out to Major Street (965-99900) $3106 from $10,000 to $13,106
Major Street:
                Increase Winter Maintenance/Equipment Rental (460-94010) $5816 from $20,000 to $25,816
Local Street: 
    Increase Winter Maintenance/Salary and Wages (460-70200) $2287 from $2000 to $4287
            Increase Winter Maintenance/Equipment Rental (460-94010) $1606 from $7000 to $8606.
Water Fund:
                Increase Plant/Professional Services (536-80100) $5334 from $2000 to $7734
                Increase Plant/Capital Outlay (536-97000) $3063 from $0 to $3063      

5. Motion by Vollmer/Rasmussen to pay the Bills. Carried 6-0

6.  Motion to adjourn by Stewart.  7:35 p.m.

Hellen Allen

Village Clerk


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