May, 2010




MAY 10, 2010


Present: Campbell, Boss, Vollmer, Rasmussen, M B Drenth and Stewart  

Absent: M. Drenth

Others: Robert Daunter, Dennis Lennox I, Dennis Lennox II, Erin Nickel and Linda Gallagher.


Meeting called to order by President Campbell at 7:00 p.m.


1.  Motion by Rasmussen/Drenth to accept the April 12, 2010 minutes as presented. CARRIED / 6-0

       2.  Motion by  Stewart/Boss to accept the  April 27, 2010 special meeting minutes as presented.

        CARRIED / 6-0


Public Input:

     Dennis Lennox who is running for State House introduced himself to the Council and gave a short list of his qualifications for the seat he is running for. Election is August 3, 2010.


Department Reports:


Officer Daunter informed council that police coverage for the Pig Roast, 4th of July and Memorial Day, is covered.


D.P.W.  n/a

Pig Roast:  Erin Nickel was here representing the Pig Roast Committee.

a. The Parade will start at the Co-op (Lake St.) and go up the hill to the west, corner of Center and Main St. and north to the High School, corner of Main and Church St.


3.  Motion by Vollmer/Boss to except the parade route as presented to Council.  CARRIED  6-0


4. Motion by Rasmussen/Boss to donate $250.00 to the Pig Roast. CARRIED 6-0


   Erin Nickel also requested a sign (watch for children) be place on the first curve on Forest Hill Dr.

Discussion Items:

                  Wooden Shoe Park will be opening on May 15th 2010.

                  Village auditors from, Baird, Cotter and Bishop will be doing the village audit May 17th                                                    and 18th.

Community Park:                                                                                                                             

     a. The Village has received the last payment from the MNRTF Grant and passed the final audit.

     b. Council had a short discussion on the kind and style of table we would like for the New Community            Park Pavilion, and both parks need trash cans.


5. Motion by Vollmer/Rasmussen to have a $25.00 registration fee (security deposit)  refundable, for

                  the Community park pavilion. CARRIED.6-0             


     c. The State of the Village meeting will take place this fall.

     d.  4th of July fireworks will take place on July the 3rd.

          There is also a fund raiser to help with the cost of the fire works sponsored

           by the Gold Nugget Bar  at the Mallard Golf Club June 12. 

      e.  Short discussion on filling the vacant trustee position


6.  Motion by Stewart/Boss to pay the bills. CARRIED.  6-0


7.  Motion by Rasmussen/Stewart to adjourn.  7:55 p.m.


Hellen Allen,    Village Clerk


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