May, 2014




May 12, 2014

7:00 PM


Present: Campbell, Boss, M.B. Drenth, Marlene Drenth, Vollmer, Sowers, Stewart and Kammerer.           

Absent: None

Others: John Morris, Jerry Rasmussen.

Meeting called to order by Chairman Campbell at 7:00 p.m.


1.  Motion by Sower/Boss to approve the following as ZBA Officers for 2014-2015.

Chairman: Hugh Campbell

Vice Chairman: Robert Vollmer

Secretary: Hellen Allen



2.  Motion by Campbell/Boss to adjourn 7:10.  CARRIED






MAY 12, 2014


 Present: Campbell, Boss, M.B. Drenth, Marlene Drenth, Vollmer, Sowers, Stewart and Kammerer.           

Absent: None


 Others:  John Morris and Jerry Rasmussen


Meeting called to order by President Campbell at 7:10 p.m.


1.  Motion by Boss/Vollmer to accept the April 14, 2014 minutes as presented. CARRIED / 7-0


Public Input:


Department Reports:


Officer Morris informed council that police coverage for Memorial Day, and Ellebration (July 5) are covered.  

Streets:  Trustees were updated on the progress of the road project on Church and Lake Street.  Bids to be let July 7 and work to start September 1.


DPW:  Discussed Water System Update.


Discussion Items:

a. Wooden Shoe Park will be opening on May 15, 2014.

b. Village auditors from Baird, Cotter, and Bishop will be doing the village audit May 19 thru 22, 2014       

c. July fireworks will take place on July 5th in conjunction with Ellebration

d. Breezeway garage sale May 23 and 24 from Atwood to Boyne Falls.

f. Fall Archery Tournament will be held on the 20th of September 2014.

g. Farmers Market will be opening this summer.  

h. New Village employee for the summer is Carl Krosnicki.

i. Replacing the Village blue truck, a short discussion


 Action Items


2.  Motion by Kammerer/Sowers to accept Druckenmiller Roofing’s bid to reroof the bath house at

            Woodenshoe Park. CARRIED 7-0


3. Motion by Boss/M.B. Drenth to contribute $1000.00 to the Ellsworth fire work July 5th  a stated in the

            budget. CARRIED 7/0


4. Motion by M.B. Drenth/Stewart to donate $250.00 to the Ellebration activities as stated in the budget.

            CARRIED 7-0



Budget Amendments:   none


5. Motion by Vollmer/Boss to pay the bills. CARRIED.  7-0


6.  Motion by Stewart/Boss to adjourn.  7:45 p.m.


Hellen Allen,    Village Clerk


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