November, 2013


NOVEMBER 11, 2013


7:00 PM


Present: M. Drenth, Sowers, Boss, Campbell, M.B. Drenth, Carla Kammerer.


Others: Chief John Morris, Tex Drenth and Pat Mikula.  


Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 p.m.


1.  Motion   M.B. Drenth/Vollmer to approve the October 2013 minutes as presented.  CARRIED.  Motion Kammerer/Sowers to approve the Special Meeting, October 28, 2013 as corrected.  CARRIED



Pat Mikula: Had question on the interruption of water service during the up dating of the water system in the village.



       a. Police: Chief Morris gave a short police report to the council and is working on the breakings in the Village.

2.  Motion by Boss/Vollmer to offer a $500.00 reward for information, arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved in  

                   the destruction of property in the Village.  CARRIED

       b. Streets – The new plow truck is in Boyne Fall getting fitted

       c. DPW:  Ellsworth Water System Improvement; Campbell updated the Council on the water system.

      d. Planning Commission: N/A




3.   Budget amendments:  Motion by M B Drenth/Boss to approve the following budget amendments: CARRIED 6-0

                  Major Streets:  Increase Professional Services (202-248-80100) $14,260 from $375 to $14,635

                  Water: Increase Professional Services (591-536-80100) $8084 from $2000 to $10,084.


 Woodenshoe Campground maintenance priorities are a new roof on the bath house and possible removing the sand box beside the bath house.

 Campground rate to be acted on at next meeting



a.        Wooden Shoe Holiday Fest is December 11th at the Banks Township Hall; the tree lighting will be at 6:00 p.m. followed by games and refreshment.

b.        Committee Rosters for 2013-2014 were discussed.  Will be voted on next meeting.       

5.  Motion by Boss / Vollmer to pay the bills. CARRIED   6-0


6.  Motion by Boss/Kammerer to adjourn at 7.50 p.m.   CARRIED.


Village Clerk


Hellen Allen


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