October, 2010



OCTOBER 11, 2010



Present: Campbell, M. Drenth, Boss, Nickel, Rasmussen, Vollmer, and M.B. Drenth.           

Absent:  Stewart

Others: Duane Arnott and Tex Drenth


Meeting called to order by President Campbell at 7:00 p.m.

1.   Motion by Rasmussen/Drenth to accept the September 2010 minutes as presented. CARRIED.  6-0

Public Input:

Duane Arnott informed the Board on his certification trip to Lansing and that he is now certified to instruction archery for the summer recreation program.


Departmental Reports


a.        Police:  NA

b.     DPW:  NA

     c.    Streets: Discussed Ash Street.


     a.  Planning Commission:  NA



Action Items


2.  Motion by Vollmer/Nickel to keep the 201l rates and fees for Wooden Shoe Park the same as 2010.  CARRIED 6-0


3. Motion by Vollmer/Drenth  to hire Ed and Kris Green as Woodenshoe Park Attendants for 2011. CARRIED 6-0


4. Motion by Boss/Rasmussen to set the Halloween Hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for Saturday , October 30, 2010.

                      CARRIED 6-0


5.  Motion by Boss/Nickel to approve Team Elmer’s to remove the snow from the uptown area at a rate increase of $10 an hour over last year.  CARRIED 6-0


 6.  Moved by Rasmussen/Vollmer to have prep work done on Ash St. before repaving and wait until spring to the project.                                      CARRIED 6-0


7.  Moved by Vollmer/Drenth to purchase a leaf blower for the tractor from Work n Play for $2800.  CARRIED 6-0


Discussion Items:

a.   Community Park Update:   Grills installed at Pavilion and NRTF Grant sign installed

b.   Pig Roast has been changed to America Fest (?) and will be held the First weekend in July

c.   Fall Cruise to be Saturday, October 16, 2010.

d.   Jerry Rasmussen gave the Board an Ordinance Enforcement Update.

e.   Jerry Rasmussen gave an update on the Snowmobile Trail and removing a pine tree on the trail to the island at the

         Community Park


9.   Motion Rasmussen/Boss to pay the bills. CARRIED.6-0


10.  Motion to adjourn by Boss/ Rasmussen.  8:15 

Hellen Allen

Village Clerk


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