October, 2011



OCTOBER 10, 2011



Present: Campbell, M. Drenth, Boss, Nickel, Rasmussen, Vollmer, Stewart and M.B. Drenth.           


Others:  Tina Sundelius

Meeting called to order by President Campbell at 7:00 p.m.

1.   Motion by Boss/M. B. Drenth to accept the September 2011 minutes as presented. CARRIED.  7-0


Public Input:


Departmental Reports


a.      Police:  NA

b.     DPW:  NA

     c.    Streets:  NA


   a.  Planning Commission:  NA


Action Items


2.  Motion by Vollmer/Boss to keep the 2012 rates and fees for Wooden Shoe Park the same as 2011.  CARRIED 7-0


3. Motion by Vollmer/M.B. Drenth  to hire Ed and Kris Green as Wooden Shoe Park Attendants for 2012. CARRIED 7-0

    Group rates for camping at the park tabled until November meeting.


4. Motion by Stewart/Boss to set the Halloween hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for Monday , October 31, 2011.   CARRIED 7-0


5.  Motion by Boss/Vollmer to approve Drogt and Sons to remove the snow from the uptown area     CARRIED 6-0


Budget Amends

6.  Motion by Rasmussen/Boss to amend the Recreation Fund budget as follows.

Recreation Fund:


Decrease Contribution from Other Sources (208-000-58200) $4000 from $4000 to $0.

Decrease Capital Outlay (208-248-97000) $2000 from $4000 to $2000. CARRIED 7-0


7.  Motion by M.B. Drenth/Rasmussen to except the bid of TM Insulation for insulating the 2Village Garages at the cost of $3,210.00.     CARRIED.  7-0    Bid on file


8.  Motion by Vollmer/Boss to have tickets served to Brian Lemond on the non conforming junk cars on his property at the corner of Center and Main St. and at 9132 Main St.   CARRIED.7-0


9.  Motion by Rasmussen/Boss to update the duty hours for the police officer from 60 hrs per month to 40 hrs per month. CARRIED 7-0


Discussion Items:


   a.   Fall Cruise to be Saturday, October 15, 2011starting at Royal Farms in Atwood and ending at Boyne Mt.

   b.  Bathhouse at the Wooden Shoe Park: Council to meet at the park Monday October 17th at 5:00 to prioritize repair and upkeep for the building.

    c.  Atlas Electric to give estimate on updating the electric panel at the Wooden Shoe Park.

    d.  Plow truck is out for repairs and to have the new dump box installed.

    e.  The Village received the Grand Vision Grant applied for to market the community and promote the Farm Market.

9.   Motion Stewart/Vollmer to pay the bills. CARRIED.7-0


10.  Motion to adjourn by Rasmussen.  7:45 pm 



Hellen Allen


Village Clerk


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