October, 2013




OCTOBER 14, 2013



Present: Campbell, M. Drenth, Boss, Vollmer, Kammerer, Sowers, Stewart and M.B. Drenth.

Absent:  0             Others:  John Morris, Tina Sundelius 


Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM


1. Motion by Stewart/ Boss to accept the September 9, 2013 minutes as presented. CARRIED. 7-0

2. Motion by M.B. Drenth/Kammerer to accept the Special Meeting minutes of June 25, 2013.CARRIED. 7-0




                Police:  Chief Morris gave a short report              DPW:  New Plow Truck hasn’t arrived yet.  

                Streets:  C48 reconstruction still on schedule for 2014

Parks/Recreation:  Revenue is higher than was budget for the year.  A new roof on the bathhouse is to be in next year’s budget.                           Planning Commission:  No Report


3. Motion by Vollmer/Boss to purchase four winter tires for the police car from the Ellsworth Farmers Exchange at the cost of $544.56. CARRIED 7-0


4.  Motion by Vollmer/Stewart to set Halloween hours at 5 pm to 8 pm Thursday, October 31, 2013.  CARRIED 7-0


5. Budget amendments: None


6. Approve Jerry Klooster and Greg Strange to the Planning Commission for 2014-2015. Tabled until next meeting.


7. Motion by M.B. Drenth/Boss to purchase new water software from Banyon Data Systems at the cost of $2590.00. CARRIED 7/0


8. Motion by Boss/M.B. Drenth to purchase a meter reader hand set for reading meters and a meter dock at the cost $600.00.  CARRIED 7/0


9. Motion by Vollmer/Campbell to purchase new accounting software from Banyan Data Systems at the cost of $4250.00. CARRIED.7/0


10.  Motion by Boss/M.B Drenth to raise the Municipal Residential Water availability rate from $10.00 to $15.00. CARRIED 7/0.


11.  Motion by Boss/M.B. Drenth to raise the Municipal  Commercial Water availability rate from $15.00 to $20.00.  CARRIED 7/0


12. Motion by Vollmer/Stewart to have the Village President to negotiate with Brian Lemon to acquire ownership of parcel # 05-44-010-073-00. CARRIED 7/0


13.  Motion by Vollmer/Stewart for the President to sign an agreement with Stark Realty to assist the Village in acquiring Parcel PARCEL  # 05-44-010-073-00.  CARRIED 7/0


a. Fall Cruise, from Boyne Fall to Atwood had a record amount of cruisers

b .Paddle Antrim Festival will start in 2015.

c. Woodenshoe Holiday Fest will be December 11th.

d. Shiver Fest February 14, 15 and 16th.

e. EVIP Certificate was approved by the Michigan Treasury Department.

f. The Village President updated the Council on the Chain of Lakes and East Grand Travers Bay Water Trail.    

13. Motion by Boss/Vollmer to pay the bills. CARRIED. 7/0

14. Motion by Vollmer/Stewart to adjourn at 8:05 p.m.


  Hellen Allen, Village Clerk


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