October, 2014




OCTOBER 13, 2014



Present: Campbell, Boss, Kammerer, Sowers and M.B. Drenth.

Absent: Vollmer, Stewart, M. Drenth,               

Others:  John Morris, Tina Sundelius, Lynn Spearing, Marcie Potter and Jerry Rasmussen.

Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM

1. Motion by Kammerer/Sowers to accept the September 8, 2014 minutes as presented. CARRIED. 5-0

PUBLIC INPUT:  Jerry Rasmussen brought up the maintenance of the recycling area by the county.


Police:  Chief Morris gave a short report and introduced the new Village of Ellsworth    Police logos to council.                                                                           

DPW:  n/a 

Streets:  C48/Breezeway reconstruction is near completion and on scheduleSnow Removal for the Village up town area will be done by Village employee Carl Krosnicki.

2  .Motion by Campbell/Boss to approve the following budget amendments as follows:

General Fund:                                                                                                                                                   

Revenue:  Increase Grand Vision Grant (101-58051) $7500 from $0 to $7500                                     

Council:  Increase Professional Services (101-101-8010) $3000 from $4100 to $7100                                                  

Ambulance:  Increase Contracted Services (101-406-8022) $1100 from $0 to $1100                               

Park and Recreation:  Increase Printing & Publishing (101-751-9000) $700 from $900 to $160 Community Park:  Increase Contracted Services (101-755-8022) $500 from $0 to $500

Major Streets:                                                                                                                                                              

 Increase Operating Supplies (202-450-7270) $1500 from $1000 to $2500

Local Streets:                                                                                                                                                                            

 Increase Operating Supplies (203-450-7270) $750 from $250 to $1000. CARRIED 5-0

3.Motion by Campbell/Boss to set the Woodenshoe Campground rates for the 2015 camping season as follows: Daily $25.00, Weekly $125.00, and monthly   $375.00. Carried 5-0

4. Motion by  Boss/M.B. Drenth to have Ed and Kris Green  return next year (2015) as the Woodenshoe Park attendants/managers. Carried 5-0

5. Motion by Sowers/Kammerer to approve Ordinance # Z-7 to amend Article VI creation of an Overlay district along the Breezeway.  Carried 5-0

6. Motion by M.B. Drenth/Sowers to forward $7500.00 (the Grand Vision Grant) to the Paddle Antrim Committee. Carried 5-0

7.  Motion by Boss/M.B. Drenth to reimburse House On The Hill $347.50 for water line repair.  Carried 5-0

8.  Motion by Boss/Sowers to use Crowd Funding to finance Phase I of the Community Square  Project.  Carried 5-0

9.  Motion by Boss/Sowers to accept the bid of Gosling Czubak as engineers for Phase I and II of the Community Square Project.  Carried 5-0

10. Motion by Campbell/Boss to set Halloween hours at 5pm to 8pm Friday October 31, 2014. Carried 5-0



a. Woodenshoe Holiday Fest Wednesday  December 10th

b. Fall Cruise on the Breezeway very well attended

c. Change of EVIP (Economic Vitality Incentive Program) to CVTRS/CIP (City, Village,

  Township Revenue Sharing/County Incentive Program)

d. Paddle Antrim will be held on the  second weekend after Labor Day 2015


11. Motion by Sowers/Campbell to pay the bills. CARRIED. 5/0


12. Motion by Boss/M.B. Drenth to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.


  Hellen Allen, Village Clerk


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